Keep Your Pond Healthy and Beautiful with the Right Aerator

Ponds are wonderful water features known for adding beauty as well as monetary and personal value to your home. Aerators help keep them appealing and aid in maintaining the health of any aquatic life you might incorporate. While plenty of models are available, choosing the best pond aeration systems for your needs depends on several factors.

Pond Depth

If your pond is less than six feet deep, you’ll need a shallow aerator, whereas those more than six feet in depth require diffused aeration systems. While diffused versions will work for smaller ponds, they’re less efficient and cost more to operate. Smaller ponds and those less than five feet deep do well with surface aerators. Unlike the previously mentioned options, they add oxygen to water from the surface rather than the bottom of the pond.

Power Source

Traditionally, aerators run on electricity, so you’ll need a power source close at hand. If your pond isn’t near an outlet, you may need a generator to furnish power. Keep in mind that generators drive up the cost of operation as well as the amount of attention needed to keep the aerator up and running. Wind- and solar-powered models are also available, so if you don’t have an alternate source of electricity nearby, considering one of the latter options may pay off in the long term.


Though aerators are crucial to your pond, some models tend to stand out like a sore thumb amongst their natural surroundings. Some models come in more ornamental cases to better blend with nature or your overall theme. Windmill-powered aerators also offer more charm and decorative appeal than most other versions.

Certain other elements also come into play, but these are the considerations common to all ponds. In short, take into account the size and depth of your pond, whether you have a readily available power source or need your aerator to come with one of its own, and how important the look of the aerator is to you.

In the midst of all this, upfront pricing and long-term costs of operation also come into play. You’ll see a wide range of options on the market, but finding the right one for your needs goes a long way toward making your pond more enjoyable.